Hello! My name is Kim and I am here for YOU. 

Your wedding day is all about celebrating you: your story, your love, your marriage. You deserve to feel as beautiful as you really are. You deserve to have your dream wedding vision come to life and to enjoy every single moment of the day you spent months planning for, and not have to worry about a thing. 

This is where I come in - I want to make your photography dreams come true. When it comes to photography, I want you to have an amazing experience which is why I am here to serve. I have the tissue to dry your tears and the bobby pins to catch unwanted flyaways. I know how to take your veil in and out when it gets to be too itchy. I’ll pick the grass and sticks out of your dress and carry your train so it won’t snag. I always have umbrella’s so we’re safe no matter what the weather brings.

I will capture every moment: the secret look between your parents as they share how proud they are. The high-five between the groomsmen because you finally did it! The tear that escapes as the bridesmaid tries not to bawl like a baby. And the constant smile you have on your face the entire day as your marry your other half. Every tear, every smile, every kiss, will be captured so that the day you spent months planning will last forever.

So, are you ready? Let’s celebrate!

*Photos above by Jenna Hidinger Photography


things i love:

  • Jesus

  • my husband & son

  • FRIENDS (I am a less intense Monica)

  • reading

  • good food

  • instagram (i’m a little obsessed)

  • cooking (come over & i’ll make you dinner!)

  • the beach (probably more than anyone else you know)